To pay the greatest attention to all of our client¡¯s cargo, ensuring integrity of cargo and safety during transport; we gain our client¡¯s trust through vigilance.

Establishing a comprehensive management mechanism and high standard KPI, as a guideline for handling of cargo; we satisfy our client¡¯s needs by working with efficiency.

Whether during operation or follow-up, we guarantee the best service quality, and let our clients feel our enthusiasm and care.

We adopt bottom-top and outside-in open policy decision making, fully trusting thoughts of employees and clients.

Services includes:
- Sea / Air / Multimodal Transportation
- Export FCL / LCL consolidation
- Import deconsolidation services
- Short-term storage for LCL and FCL cargo
- Reefer & Heavy-lift capabilities
- Inland distribution
- Drayage to and from the pier and airport
- Local pick-up and delivery service
- Surveyor

Warehousing services
We provide commercial record storage, household storage and storage cabinet rental services in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Transportation and distribution
We provide global forwarding services, HK-China cross-boundary transportation arrangements, haulage of containers, loading and discharging of containers, cartage delivery from/to airport and terminal, local delivery and distribution, import / export shipping document support and customs declaration in Hong Kong/China.

At lead top Logistics, we are taking a leading role in meeting the demands and challenges of the logistics industry in the 21st century, to ensure that you, our customers, will benefit from the many advantages of a dynamic, efficient and effective supply chain and logistical management system. The globalization of markets, the blurring of geographical and industry boundaries, the immediacy of the Internet, cut throat competition and limited resources, growing customer expectations hand-in-hand with the need for faster and accurate responses, as well as increasing customization and shorter lead times, are all raising costs and driving complexities in the world¡¯s distribution networks. Effective, dynamic and cost efficient management of the supply chain is therefore crucial in today's modern and competitive world.

Air Transport
By close cooperation with many airliners and by help of information technology, we offer a diversity of high-standard services at reasonable price. Frequent, timely and efficient air transport service enables us to take an important position in our international customer business development.

With growing consumption of wine worldwide, there is a corresponding rise in demand for comprehensive logistics services that ensure wine products are managed and handled correctly throughout the supply chain to deliver each shipment in premium condition.
We have built a global network to manage the flow of wine with a team of experts who understand the complexities of moving, storing and distributing wine.     

Local Heavy Goods Vehicles
Lead top has a large vehicle team and many vehicle types including vans, 3-ton, 8-ton, 16-ton and 24-ton trucks, specializing in providing different customers with different goods¡¯ collection & delivery & distribution services.
Cargo collect and delivery services going in or out of wharf or warehouse
Cargo collect and delivery services at airport warehouse        

Local Container Service
Lead top offers a full range of container services and completes each and every transportation job both punctually and safely.
Containers¡¯ haulage
Containers¡¯ rental
Containers¡¯ discharge & loading
Containers¡¯ goods transit and storage

Our company set up shipping affair, Can Plan the shipping date of export and The cargo apply to customs etc.

On behalf of Hong Kong Customs clearance sin, delivery, freight transport and can be exported to the domestic area

From the domestic terminal (Yantian, Shekou) shipped to other areas of the country.

Arrangement of cargo transportation, bills of lading, customs and other services, arrangements for the export of goods from China to Hong Kong, then by a transfer to the world. Arrangement of cargo transported by the domestic area, Yantian, Shekou, then by a transfer to the rest of the world

Container Check Operation
Taken quickly, punctual, cheapness, As the goal, provide the Hong Kong transport service

Enter tank, Split Tank, change Tank
Professionals to provide various c-agro crating and uncrating, container handling, etc. Can be arranged large machines, cars and other box-ing.

Air parcel
Supply the air parcel from Hong Kong to everywhere.